MARVEL Updates: Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor's Hammer and No Comic-Con

Juuust in case you missed it, Marvel and Sony announced on June 23rd that they have cast their newest Spider-Man, in the form of actor Tom Holland. He's a relatively unknown quantity, which is code for cheap for Marvel and he is 19 years old.

He was picked and reported for web duty immediately on the set of Captain America: Civil War. And just as well, considering this "Civil War" tends to center a bit around Spider-Man in the comics.

As you may know or not, many websites were guessing that Spider-Man would appear in the film.

FROM This point on, there will or could be mild movie spoilers coming up...


Now I don't know if this is something seen and being mis-interpreted, but someone saw Captain America, on the Atlanta set for "Civil War" carrying a CGI stand-in prop that looked like it could have doubled for a two-sided hammer, much like Thor's.

Now in one comic story line, Cap does wield Mjolnir to defeat a foe, and since we saw him budge it a bit in Age of Ultron, hey, who knows.

Or, it could just be a prop for something altogether different.

We'll see.


Back to Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

THR was chatting up Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, and asked some great questions:

Feige confirmed they are fully producing Spider-Man movies, because "this Spider-Man" now inhabits their movie universe.

Now that they're holding hands with Sony, it has been discussed that it is possible that other Marvel characters can appear in future Spider-Man movies. But as a possibility. No mentions of anything in stone.

He chats about Phase Three of their movie world that will involve nine interconnected movies,


Ant-Man Update

Paul Rudd as a contract for at least three movie appearances as Ant-Man, but I bet it is more.

This film will round out phase two of the MCU, and in it, it introduced the Pym Particles that help Ant-Man shrink. It will also be showing Ant-Man getting on The Avengers radar, so to speak. I mean, he has scenes in Captain America: Civil War.


Marvel will not be making an appearance at SDCC this year, which really sucks for fans, but they said that everyone pretty much knows what's happening with their properties and literally, there's no need to pump themselves up.

To quote Feige: "If you can't go to Comic-Con and overdeliver, then don't go."

Personally, I don't believe him. It would feel like they're dissing the fans by not bringing something to the stage. I bet there is something, secret, that will pop up and happen at SDCC. OK, I can hope. Right?


Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters on May 6, 2016


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