NEGATIVE SPACE Advanced Review

Negative Space by Dark Horse, a review

Negative Space, from Dark Horse, is a fascinating comic that reminds me of a few quirky movies I've seen where dubious second party entities make decisions for others, without their knowing it, and controlling their lives.

Guy Harris is a man with writers block and a sort of secret organization that is watching him, trying to expedite his getting through his block. (Writer's block on a suicide note??? Seriously!) Yes, they need him to die. But you will have to read it to understand that insanity.

But how they do it, via some seriously nefarious methods, is something to behold, and makes it an interesting premise. And each time they try to break his block, each attempt gets nastier and nastier.

It's a fascinating premise and I have to wonder where they're going to go with this story?

Negative Space comes out on July 8th, 2015. It's written by Ryan K Lindsay and the art is by Owen Gieni.

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