Review of Syfy's DARK MATTER Series Premiere

TV review of Syfy's DARK MATTER

The Syfy series premiere of Dark Matter did not suck... though I think it tried. It was not exceptional nor did it drag.


First and foremost, I think it is important that you know that this series comes from Stargate executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. This lends credence to the hope this will be a good show or at least is a great marketing sound byte.

The series premiere of Dark Matter came to town with its first hour and to be honest, I don't dislike it yet but to start a series off with all the characters having amnesia promised to be something special.

The premise starts out with a large ship having some technical difficulties and it starts to awaken passengers on the ship, who were in stasis tubes. But upon waking up, they don't remember who they are, but have latent talents to help themselves operate the ship.

Throughout the episode, they slowly discover various clues to what the ship was about and where it was going. Along the way, they discover a few interesting secrets about themselves and onboard cargo.

And then there's the andoid. She's very android like, I expect her to have some form of emotional journey. Don't most andriods in sci-fi flicks go there? She was way too cold and impersonal to not go there.

As everyone was meeting each other, it was fun to see some of their personality traits that acted as clues as to who they were when they were cognizant of themselves.

And as the episode developed, the viewer was going in one direction about who this crew was, but alas, with no patience for teasing the viewers, we learned who exactly these crew members were.

Which took the wonderment of their self-discovery right out from under the viewer. Oh well.

Because this show was created by the Stargate execs, I am holding out to see what happens. I'm hoping for improvement.

We'll see. But there's one thing for sure, now we watch the inner battles between who they could be, and who they really were. So there's that.

The cast includes

Marc Bendavid (Hard Rock Medical),

Melissa O'Neil,

Anthony Lemke,

Alex Mallari Jr. (True Justice),

Jodelle Ferland (Motive)

Roger R. Cross (Motive, The Returned, Arrow, The Strain, Continuum)

Zoie Palmer (Lost Girl, The Guard)

- - -

If you get a chance, I'd say check it out and see what you think.

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