BEAUTY and the BEAST Season Three Early Review

 Jay Ryan as Vincent in Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast on The CW, starring Jay Ryan (Go Girls, Sea Patrol) and Kristin Kreuk (Smallville, Edgemont) has changed up the story a bit from the last few seasons. Cat and Vincent defeated the enemy of the season at the end of the second season, and all we had was to look forward to them living happily ever after.

The initial episodes leading this third season on The CW have been focused on how they have to stop letting crime and enemies out to kill them distract them from their relationship. They are seeing a couples counselor to deal with this so that Cat and Vincent can focus more on each other.

Kristen Kreuk as Catherine in Beauty and the Beast

The latest episode Catherine kept thinking she saw the enemy around each corner and she kept flipping out irrationally, as she would pursue this visual but then decide not to.

To be honest, this is getting old super fast.

These two trying to prioritize their latest threat as a relationship tripping stone is like fish having issues with the ocean they live in.

For these two who have seen all that they have seen, I am amazed they keep up this head trip bullshit. It is cute that they are focusing on their relationship and how we are seeing just how much they love each other. But their love is getting lost in their psychobabble.

Plus, if the casting has any clue or hint in it, the man who is their couples counseling is played by Saul Rubinek (Warehouse 13), I have a baaad feeling about his character, Dr. Glenroy. Though to be honest, the show has had some solid actors pass through their story lines.


Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton in 1987s Beauty and the Beast

So the show seems to be trying to get back to the roots of the original series, where it is all about their love for each other.  In the original 1987 series, which starred Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, he always knew when she was in danger because of their emotional connection. But they could not be public about their love because he was a mutation of a man that looked like a lion. In this newest rendition show creator (Same guy who created the original) Ron Koslow mixed it up a bit and made Vincent a victim of government experimentation.

So this is a modernized reboot where they took the obvious modern-day route of government experimentation first, then beat that to death a bit for two seasons. Now they don't have any particular enemy in this third season, but there is another 'beast' creating entity in the background. And here I thought they had ridden that old horse into the ground. I was hoping to see them veer off into something different besides more rogue beast makers, but they seem focused. Or have no ideas where to go.

Either way, right now they're in the midst of its third season and The CW has ordered a fourth season of Beauty and the Beast. They renewed the show for two seasons when they announced the renewal a while back. Now whether the show makes it into a fourth season has yet to be seen. Meaning that they might have renewed it but it does not mean they have to produce or air it if season three craters from all the love and more beast bad guys.

I swear, the story right now feels like a kid playing with his toys in the sandbox, making up exciting things as he plays along. THAT'S NOT A BAD THING, but it can become an old thing fast with viewers if they don't start a decent overall change up to Cat and Vincent's lifestyles and challenges.

Just saying.

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