If You Loved Netflix's DAREDEVIL, Check Out The New Characters Coming

What does Marvel have in store for Netflix viewers?

After seeing Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix it is an impressive bit of story telling that is not rushed, evolved at a human pace, which for this day and age or need for immediate gratification, could be too slow of a pace for some, but binge watching may counter that. And they told great plot points at all the right times.

It is dark, dirty and scary, with an abundance of brutality to boot, when it is called for.

But this is Daredevil, done right for TV. And of course, later this year we will be seeing AKA Jessica Jones, then after that, Luke Cage and Iron Fist Netflix series.

Daredevil did so well for Netflix that they ordered a second season before two weeks was up after the premiere of the show. Along with the second season, we will be getting some Elektra and word on the street that we might also see the Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider.

Oh, and don't forget, that after those first four titles screen, they will then team up in a series called The Defenders. Because of this team up, we may be seeing cross overs between shows. Sweet!

And now there's talk about a few other potential characters getting some kind of screen time... like Blade, Ghost Rider and The Punisher. But while Marvel is looking to ground their comic characters, Blade and Ghost Rider bring a very mystical aspect to any series they would be in. That goes against the 'grounded' feel. Not to mention production costs associated with supernatural entities.

The Punisher likes to kill his problems and Daredevil doesn't. That could be an interesting conflict, to say the least if they ever cross paths.

Aside from that, it is being reported that Netflix has big eyes for future Marvel projects, where they're hoping to strike up a movie or series event for Hawkeye or Black Widow, and they're even hoping for appearances by other big screen characters like Doctor Strange on the small screen, who will be played by Bendict Cumberbatch.


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