Jon Snow Lives! OMG, Kit Harrinton Is On The Set!!!

Kit Harrinton Is Spotted On The Set of Game of Thrones

OMG, Kit Harrinton Is On The Set of Game of Thrones in Belfast! Everyone swoon now, being pretty sure that all of your theories that Jon Snow is not dead, is being proven this very second!!! Right?  Right???

Or not.

Hang on gang. First I've been following all the little news bits and pieces as to what has happened to Jon Snow in the season finale of HBOs Game of Thrones.

SPOILERS or NOT... It's all theory, but I will be spoiling that closing scene from the show, just in case the cave you live in does not get cable.





-So in the end of the season finale of Game of Thrones Jon Snow had a bad bad day. His soldiers or half of the Night's Watch stabbed him. A few times. OK, about a dozen times or more. And if this were any other show, you know he's dead.

Is Jon Snow really dead here?

-If this were a George R. R. Martin story, he'd be dead. Dead dead kind of dead. Oh, wait, this is a Martin production.

-OK, then there's the thing about a witch/queen (Red Priestess) being in the same castle that Jon Snow was in when he died. And that she can bring him back.

-Or there's this thing with his eyes changing colors while laying there, dying. I watched over and over and saw nothing. Maybe it's my feed.

-Then there's the theory that we never saw him die. We did see him lay there, bleeding out, but not die. Fine. Get technical if you want.

-The popular theory is that Jon is not Ned’s bastard son but the son of Lyanna Stark (Ned’s sister) and Rhaegar Targaryen (Dany’s older brother and son of the Mad King and rightful heir to the throne).

-Remember that the book series the show is based on is "A Song of Ice and Fire."  If Jon is a Targaryen, the son of Lyanna Stark (Ice) and Rhaegar Targaryen (Fire), the theory is that the show is about Jon and Daenerys. They would later then get together becoming King and Queen of Westeros and thus, the unity of Ice and Fire.

-Did he "warg" into his direwolf, Ghost? We kept being reminded the wolf was around from time to time over the last few seasons.

-If he is special/mystical, and the Night Watch goes and burns his body, whoa boy. That might not be their best plan.

-There are theories he is part of the triumvirate, or the three heads of the dragon, those being Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon Snow. So you can't kill him.

--Show producers and cast were adamant Kit Harrington was not returning to the show in season six. Because, you know, they never lie to fans to throw us off their scent. But no one said he's off the show permanently, leaving us with season seven.

---Oh, someone I know who read the books says he does NOT return. (Of course, is he lying to me???)

- - -

- - -

There you have it. Everyone wants Jon Snow to return. Including myself because he was the only character I really looked forward to following. But now he's a shish-ka-bob.

The showrunners were clear that Harrington is not returning to the show in season six, but yet, there he was, showing up for some table reads this week. With his "Jon" hair!!! (He had cut it and when he started making immediate appearances after the finale... which seemed odd how they pushed him into the limelight almost immediately.)

This can possibly mean one or two things:

A: He's not dead.

B: He is dead. He's only there because they need to plot out Jon Snow's funeral.

Many folks say that many things are leading up to proving that Snow survived the mutiny. I WOULD LOVE IT. Plus the show has been veering off from the books, so what gives there? And how would they handle this non-death?

- - -

I know the answer!

Patience. The series has always premiered in the March/April time frame, so that's when season six will kick in gear and we possibly know more by then.

Sigh. I know. It's killing me too. And it's great publicity and fun to conjecture, is it not???

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