Theater Movies Coming To Home Viewers Sooner

Movies Coming To Home Viewers Sooner

One of the largest angst's that movie distributors and movie theater managers have is how much sooner a movie could possibly make it to the home entertainment market. If a movie does not stay in theaters long enough, this threatens the bottom line of movie theaters.

But despite all the box office records we're seeing being broken, fewer and fewer people are hitting up the movie theaters these days. I don't mind dropping the bucks on a matinee, but I hate the crowded, noisy, popcorn chewing, slurping crowds who have to check their cell phones during a movie.

But that's just me.

Paramount just made a deal to release a few upcoming movies for early digital releases, Or exactly 17 days after the number of theaters showing the films drops below 300. Domestic theaters.

The movies Paramount is testing this on is Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (coming out October 23) and Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse (October 30).

At the point when the films go to digital releases, the theaters (AMC, Cineplex and others) will receive a percentage of the digital revenues up to 90 days after the movies were released in theaters.


To be honest with you, if this new test model works out, this could signal the beginning of a new era of movie entertainment. But it depends on a lot of factors.

It depends on the quality of the offerings. And those first two examples don't seem like a huge stepping stone to offer the masses.

Let's say the offerings attract enough business. Will they be priced reasonably so consumers will want to participate in this project?

Will the theaters make sufficient profits off this test to want to do it again?

Or will this fascinating test, using B-movies, fail? Will it be a good try, and then back to business, as usual?

Either way, at least it's being tried. If it does work, that means movie-goers can enjoy anticipated movies much sooner than the older, classic business model time-frame.

I'd like that because I hate hearing people smack their gums on popcorn and candy during a movie.

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