A 24 Reboot From Fox Is On Its Way

24 Reboot From Fox TV news


When Kiefer Sutherland played Jack Bauer in Fox's 24, it was a pretty action packed thrill ride of a man on a mission, at no matter what the cost. And a man with a cell phone that got coverage in the darkest of tunnels with the longest battery life ever in a cell phone!

24 had come and gone, then came back again for a short stint, with the second mini-series feeling pretty stressful as Jack was on the lamb, yet still dedicated to the President, while Chloe was hanging out with criminals while helping Jack.

But it was still a fun ride.

Fox must think it has something going with the franchise and news is that they are working on a reboot of the series.

Or as put during the summer press tour when asked, a reboot is "still in development." A script is being written but had to be tailored around some disappointment since Sutherland was not interested in reprising the role.

That development in and of itself sort of set the stage for possibly not having any old characters show up in the new series.


Personally, I liked Jack Bauer but it could be a good thing to bring new blood into the franchise and reset the stage to what does feel like a reboot. Jack was always yelling and what not, but we knew his backstory and other issues. A new guy or cast would give us something new to learn while watching the action unfold in a new season of 24.

At least, according to the EW article, we will still have the chiming clock.

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