Static Bits: Luke Cage, Top Gear, Steve Irwin's Legacy, Soap Opera Remakes

Luke Cage, Top Gear, Steve Irwin news tidbits

Static Bits include stuff about the Netflix Luke Cage Marvel series, the Top Gear ex-crew, a bit about Steve Irwin's daughter and other noise.


Netflix/Marvel has chosen the first villain for their Luke Cage series.

As you may recall, Mike Colter will be playing the titular role of Luke Cage, while they have yet to cast for the role of Cornell Cottonmouth, Cage's first season nemesis, they have chosen this bad boy to be the baddie for the season.

Cottonmouth is a drug lord who is part of the complicated process that created the origin of Luke Cage.

Here's a great and lengthy piece on the origin and life of Luke Cage on Wikipedia. Here's some insight on Cottonmouth.


Top Gear's team spills some beans on their Amazon series...

First, the crew got a three season order and each season will have 12 episodes. Each episode will be roughly around 60 minutes each.

The ex-Top Gear team of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will be working with their ex-producer, said their new show is being backed by a "really good budget," and enjoys the premise that they'll be left alone to do what they want, and won't be having much oversight in as much as how they tend to bash on manufacturers. Or in their words, "We don't need to be policed."

This is an important perspective to know because being on Amazon they're free of the control of advertisers.

There is more over at THR


Have you heard that they're looking to reboot One Day at a Time and Good Times? Yea, I know. Originality seems to be a rare beast these days over in Hollywood. It's not totally their fault. They don't feel like they are having any good original ideas and they're banking on things that were popular will A: Draw in that old crowd again that used to watch these shows and then B: Be popular with this generation.  It's a fine line to balance in this acceptable form of plagiarism.

For those of you who used to enjoy these shows, it could be a cool thing, if done right. One Day at a Time will be "modernized" to portray a Latino themed family of three generations of women.

The reboot of Good Times is actually having this project headed to the silver screen.

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Steve Irwin's Legacy Lives On

In case you ever wondered about what that little baby girl we used to see in shots with Steve Irwin's (RIP) old show went, Bindi, she's doing well and carrying on in her fathers footsteps.

The 16-year-old is carrying on the challenge of keeping the light shining on animal conservation with plans to join the Australia Zoo full time once she graduates from school.

Check out the pics at the link

Here's Bindi's Instagram account, where she has over 439 thousand followers.

It's good to see his legacy on all counts, is carrying on.


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