Continuum Season 4 Premiere Date Announced by Syfy

Holy CRAP, I've got Continuum news!!!

Continuum Season 4 Premiere Date Announced

If you can remember far enough back, (Jun 2014) the final moments of the third season of Continuum on Syfy channel had some form of future soldiers show up in a big flash! I know...  it's been forever.


Syfy has announced the date for the fourth and final season of Continuum and it will return on Friday, Sept. 11th, slated for the 11pm slot.  (You know, just in case there was interest, let's pack the show into an obscure hour of the week.)

The show was created and written by Simon Barry.

The series stars Rachel Nichols (Star Trek, GI Joe The Rise of Cobra, Conan the Barbarian), Victor Webster (Mutant X, Surrogates), Erik Knudson (Scott Pilgrim vs The World), Stephen Lobo (Arctic Air), Lexa Doig (Andromeda), Roger Cross (X-Men 2, Chronicles of Riddick, The Strain, Dark Matter), Brian Markinson, Ryan Robbins, Mike Dupod and a slew of others.

"A detective from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future."

Continuum, at least in my mind, is a great premise. Yes it is another time travelling kind of series, where a group of people go back in time and the battle ensues between the group of bad people and the one good cop who got sucked back in time with them.

The cop, Keira Cameron (Nichols) then looks to pursue the bad guys, who are trying to change events in this past to make things better (for them), in the future. But Cameron strives to keep them from changing the future, but is also looking for a way to get back to her present, and her family.

In the process, she meets the past versions of a few people she knew from her future life, and their relationships are complicated but fascinating. The bad guys all had varying degrees of challenges for Cameron, and they had some great depth and variety to them. Not to mention little twists here and there like when Cameron found her own body and ...  well, that would be spoiler... never mind.

Sadly the show was on the ratings bubble (apparently) but Syfy gave the show a fourth season to, what I presume, is to let them finish out their story.

But they shoved the show into an obscure kind of time slot, Fridays, at 11pm.

It seems curious (or pragmatic) when Syfy (NBC/Comcast) decides a show is done but they let it languish or close out its run, it seems to get shoved into a poorly performing time slot.

Now admittedly, this may not be the case, but rather, when ratings get so dismal, it is the only spot a show can fit that no other show will.

I've loved this show, but I think it may have become too complicated for the fan base and they lost interest. Or it aired in a poor time slot.

The YouTube season four trailer is more of a recap of the previous three seasons... but hey, it's good to see....

But there is a 30-second preview clip at the source link, TV Line.

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