Details About The Bones / Sleepy Hollow Crossover

Bones and Sleepy Hollow crossover news

I don't know if you caught it the first time I mentioned it, but Fox is having two different genre shows do a crossover, Bones and Sleepy Hollow.

It sounds cool to have such a unique crossover between a police procedural and a fantasy series.

The crossover episodes will be airing on Thursday, October 29th.

The details of the crossover starts on Bones which will include Brennan and Booth coming across Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills during an investigation. It turns out that both teams are on the same case and join forces.

In the subsequent episode of Sleepy Hollow, Crane and Mills turn to Brennan and Booth for help in one of their own cases, which of course, involves clues from the 18th century.

It's said that both hours are like an X-Files episode, with the first one being all Scully logical and the second hour akin to Mulder focuses.


I love this idea, but you also have to keep in mind, that crossovers are also great ways to expose new fans to a different show... with the hopes of retaining some of the new fans.

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