DISH TV's Mystery Box Updates

DISH TV is Interesting

If you stay up late enough, you've seen it. You have seen when your DISH box tries to shut down for nightly updates. Religiously. And if you're one of those folks who likes going to sleep to your TV, it is guaranteed you will wake up to the DISH screen saver instead of what you wanted on the tube.

It's fracking crazy. and there's no way to stop it. Hell, one night my box did it twice to me, testing me to see if I fell asleep already or not!

HA! Not that time!

But seriously, despite what appears to be users complaining and what not, DISH has to do this whenever they do it. And you have to keep an eye on your box to make sure it doesn't shut you down while you're in the middle of something else while your TV is on.

What an annoying bummer and I had to vent about it..

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