Honest Trailers Tackle the Older Fantastic Four Movies

Honest Trailes FF4 and Bad Reviews to Boot

With the 2015 version of The Fantastic Four coming out this week, it looks like Honest Trailers took to it and did their usual pragmatic swing at movies in their own trailer. And to be honest, even when they rib movies I like, I still love what they say and do with it. Yep, they are that funny. Or fun. Or well, spot on.


The "trailer" makes a great point about how this franchise should be put back in Marvel's hands, but Fox has screwed this up so badly that they even put a restricted release moratorium on movie reviews for this latest 2015 version. HOW CAN THEY CONTINUALLY screw this franchise up?

"Stop making cloud-based villains!"

"the silver T-1000 morphius"

"Captorch Humerica"

The Craptastic Bore...

And if the just released movie reviews are any indication, this one may by no better. And if that's the case, you know what else this means? That Fox will keep remaking origin films of the FF to retain their movie rights, despite the fact that Marvel has stopped making after-market movie toys and the like for the film titles that Fox holds rights to.  In this case, if Fox did screw this up, then "go Marvel!!!"

Hope you enjoy this and have fun watching...


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