Casting news for Arrow, (Constantine is back!) character news for a character on SHIELD and tiny spoilers for the upcoming X-Files show.



Over on NBC Matt Ryan played John Constantine in the series Constantine... and it was cancelled. BUT... Constantine, played by Ryan, will be showing up in the upcoming season of Arrow! Sweet!

Producers have hinted at the premise that this season they will be introducing mystical elements to the world that Oliver Queen lives in. Plus, with Constantine on the scene, be aware that Constantine will possibly be showing up in relation to Sara Lance being resurrected from the Lazarus Pit.


Parker Young is joining the cast of Arrow for season four.

Have you been following the fun of Steven Amell and his WWE challenges? He'll be having his "in-ring" debut at the Summer Slam. LOL.

Reminder that Arrow's season 4 premiere is on Wed, Oct. 7


Agents of SHIELD Jenna Simmons spoilers


If you remember the last moments of the season finale of Agents of SHIELD, Agent Simmons ran into a bit of a problem. That is, if you call getting sucked into a Kree Monolith is a problem. I'd call it a problem. Unless you came out of it with some kind of cool powers. But that's me.

According to Elizabeth Henstridge who plays Jenna Simmons, she said in an interview that we won't have to wait very long at all to see what comes of her predicament. And that this event may change how she views the Inhumans.

That and this will be one of the themes throughout the upcoming season.

The third season of Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on Tuesday, September 29.



Well, with The X-Files returning next January (2016), fans are getting pretty excited.  OK, this fan is getting pretty excited. But here's another tidbit of the upcoming series that

Could be considered a spoiler or sorts...

In the revival of The X-Files, Mulder and Scully are no longer a couple.

This should return some of that original tension we had in the first series...  maybe.

The X-Files will premiere Sun, Jan. 24.

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