Ryan Robbins Casting News: He Is Joining The Cast of Arrow

Ryan Robbins joins the cast of Arrow

For the Ryan Robbins fans out there:

The CW has snagged Ryan Robbins to join the cast of Arrow. His new role is to play the character named Conklin. Conklin is the latest new bad guy that will show up in the series, but alas, the bad guy will be a "flash back" bad guy.

Genre fans should easily recognize the Robbins. He has 109 television credits to his name, amongst them, is Syfy's Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Reise, Caprica, Sanctuary, and Continuum. But he's also snagged work off the Syfy channel, most notably in AMC's The Killing and TNT's Falling Skies!

Robbins is pretty busy too. Per IMDb, he's filming two projects (The Shack, Not with His Wife), has completed a project called The Confirmation and has three projects in post-poduction, (Life on the Line, Warcraft, Spectral).

It's really good to see he's building a great career and has all the right ingredients for it.

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