Static Bits: The Hobbit In Theaters, Bad Boys Return, Sony Release Dates & McDreamy Noise

The Hobbit In Theaters, Bad Boys Return & McDreamy Noise

News about The Hobbit returning to Theaters, Bad Boys makes a comeback with sequels & Grey's Anatomy McDreamy Noise. Really, it's noise.


The Hobbit trilogy is returning to theaters, and each film will be the extended cut off the original release. This could turn into a 12-hour marathon in a theater!

Leave it to Fathom Events to tackle something this daring.

Now the movie run times look like this:

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – 182 minutes (theatrical: 169 minutes)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – 186 minutes (theatrical: 161 minutes)
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies — 174 minutes (theatrical: 144 minutes)"

Hobbit fans will just have to wait and see how these films are all played out by Fathom, and whether they will be shown individually (the suspicion) or all at (gulp!) once.

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Bad Boys sequels

More Bad Boys Coming Our Way

Some of my most favorite guilty pleasures on the screen are the Bad Boys films. I don't know why, but I just do. And now I get to say that a third Bad Boys movie is on its way!

Bad Boys 3, directed by Joe Carnahan, (Not Michael Bay) is due out Feb 2017.

Bad Boys 4 is dueout July 2019. (I presume if the third one does well enough)



Sony Movie Release Dates Announced:

Money Monster – 4/8/16
The Shallows — 6/24/16
Ghostbusters – 7/15/16 (release date moved)
Patient Zero – 9/2/16
The Magnificent Seven – 9/23/16 (release date moved)
Underworld 5 – 10/21/16
Passengers – 12/21/16
Jumanji – 12/25/16        <<< Yes, a remake. Another one.
The Dark Tower – 1/13/17
Resident Evil 6 – 1/27/17
Bad Boys 3 – 2/17/17
Baby Driver – 3/17/17
Barbie – 6/2/17  <<< a live action film. No, really. LOL.
Uncharted – 6/30/17 (release date moved)
The Lamb – 12/8/17
Bad Boys 4 – 7/3/19

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Why McDreamy Died in Grey's Anatomy

In case you were ever wondering why McDreamy died in Grey's Anatomy instead of just leaving Meredith, show creator Shonda Rhimes said that if Derek left Meredith, it would be akin to saying that the love they had over all those years was not real.


Then she went on to say that his dying froze their love in time.

Serious? Is that how you justify being ticked off at an actor and smiting him from your show? Just saying.

Besides, the way Derek died was f*ing stupid. In the middle of a three-point turn on a mountain highway, he stops in the middle of the road to fish out his cell phone?

Talk about bashing a character!

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