UNDER THE DOME is Finally Cancelled

UNDER THE DOME Gets Cancelled

CBS has announced that they are cancelling Under the Dome and its last episode will be airing on September 10th.  Good riddance I say!

When Under the Dome, based off a novel by Stephen King of the same name, premiered, it was an interesting story. But King had the luxury of telling it with the intent of the story being encapsulated within the confines of a book. He did not have to keep coming up with story to keep it going.

CBS on the other hand, had a bit of a hit on their hands and had to keep it going for what it was worth.

Sadly they covered the majority of the story of the book in the first season and burned through some potentially good story lines pretty quickly instead of letting them languish any longer. So they burned through the compelling content like a flash bang grenade.

Then I don't know what the hell happened as the middle of last season and this season just took a hard running start and made "jumping the shark" a potential TV sport. While they grasped at (story) straws, they pulled in cast that pumped their budget up, not being able to match up with the dwindling ratings.

This is the first time I bailed on a show. Usually I finish what I started because I've invested time in watching the story but Under the Dome just sucked the life out of me as they struggled with this new direction that was outside the scope of the novel.

I'm so done, I don't even know if I'll tune in for this last episode... but they say the dome will come down as dramatically as it went up. Then again, of course they will. It's the marketing spin they all have to support.

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