CASTLE Season 8 Premiere Part 2, Review

CASTLE Season 8 Premiere Part 2

Last week I railed on and on about the series premiere where we watched what looked like yet one more Beckett vendetta as Castle found himself chasing Beckett's ghost, so to speak. But this week, in the second of two parts of the eighth season premiere, we learned what was happening and why Beckett went on this vendetta/run.

The following has spoilers of a sort.

In the second episode of Castle's season premiere, we learned that an entire team of Beckett's former team mates from her Washington D.C. team have been killed and she was next. The conspiracy afoot had people trying to figure things out, but anyone Becket talked to about it found them dead later on.

It was annoying as all get out, but suddenly last episode's "vendetta" was explained, as it was not a vendetta, but rather a running for her life!

After a daring trap set in Castle's new PI office, they capture the death squad that was after Beckett, but the episode ends with one more murder, meaning they did not catch everyone and there was one more development that if you did not see the episode, I'll let you discover for yourself.

So yes, the producers of Castle redeemed themselves from what I thought was another vendetta story line. But we are going back into the secret enemy realm in Castle. But at this point, so far, so normal for the show, even if last week's episode pulled in a series low with only 6.8 million viewers.

I wonder if that's 'writing no the wall?'

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