I just watched Dancing With the Stars off my DVR, and that's the only way I'll watch it. I'll explain that in a moment.


After watching the season premiere of "personalities" of whom some I've never even heard of, I see the same old stuff. The poor judges digging deep to come up with constructive observations for people who can't dance or even be able to move.

Then there's the obvious, where the judges gave Gary Busey 5's across the board when he could barely even move. So obviously he'll probably be the one sacrificial lamb that goes the farthest despite not having a viable dancing gene in his body.

I'm not bashing on him... I'm just saying.

The reality TV star women who are known for their, um, off-putting defensiveness, and being, um, difficult.

Then there's the jockey, who surprisingly, admitted to there being a lot of concussions in the business, and looked like he had a learning disability trying to absorb the dance moves.

There are a few great dancers in the crowd, including the last-minute addition of public here Alek Skarlatos, partnered with Lindsay Arnold.

He strikes me as an incredibly likable person and if he's never danced before, and has done as well has he just did, then wow.

And if you are wondering about that last-minute add, don't worry. The ABC production apparently leaves a production slot open for just these kinds of moments, when a hero rises above the rest at the last minute. And want or entertain the idea of coming on the show.

ON why I'll only watch the show on DVR:

Disclaimer: I don't mind watching the show. But I feel horrible how the judges have to dig deep to criticize and compliment people who can't dance. I just can't watch.

I also have a tough time watching those who stumble through routines looking like a dominoe with legs, and getting fives for their "performance!"

So for me, the show is more fun when you just hit up the quality dances. I know, I know, the good with the bad, but I am who I am.

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