TRANFORMERS Haters, Unite! (But There's Good News for Fans Too)

Transformers Honest Trailers treatment

The Transformers film franchise is a very unique kind of franchise. It stirs the blood of the imagination in some while it stirs the blood of the sanity of others.

One one hand, many criticisms of the film series are not incorrect as they rip into what seems like shoddy sequence editing and the like, but on the other hand, these films have raked in billions at the box office.

Age of Extinction (2014): $1.09B (Worldwide) $245MM (USA)
Dark of the Moon (2011): $1.12B (Worldwide), $352MM (USA)
Revenge of the Fallen (2009): $836MM (Worldwide), $402MM (USA)
Transformers (2007): $709MM (Worldwide) | $319MM (USA)

The pockets of the many outweigh the sanity of the few. (Yes, I just twisted up a Star Trek line.)  Though I find it interesting that the domestic numbers seem to be floundering, despite inflation, the rest of the world eats this franchise up. Do they not have enough good stuff on TV to possibly make the movie theater the go-to spot for this genre? Then again, ticket prices overseas do tend to cost more than our domestic prices.

Either way, the films are either flawed to the dramatic critical fans, and eye-candy spit-drooling fun to the masses, much like how reality-TV wins over the masses who want to sit on the couch and drool, like Homer Simpson might.

Before I trash on the franchise, I have to say, that despite the past films, Hasbro and Paramount seem to be banking some dollars on the future films. Considering they've hired talent like Zak Penn (Pacific Rim), Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man), Andrew Barrer (Haunt), Gabriel Ferrari, Christina Hodson (the upcoming remake of The Fugitive), Lindsey Beer (the upcoming remake of Short Circuit), Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down) and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (the upcoming Hibernation), there seems to be a massive amount of promise for the franchise, moving forward, not to mention that the Hasbro/Paramount pair want to create a "cinematic universe" around the toys.

But enough of the good news for Transformers fans. I teased the haters with some stuff, so here it is:

In the event you've never liked the movies (Despite having gone to see them) and you have never heard of Honest Trailers... well, guess what? Not only do the Honest Trailers gang pull together a few good previews, but they do it "honestly," with no malice, just a keen and factual eye towards the obvious that fan-boys (and girls) tend to overlook.

Check it out and have fun, and tell me in the comments what you thought of them.

Revenge of the Fallen (And tell me that the video preview-still isn't possibly the best part of the film!)


Age of Extinction:


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