New Titles on DVD/BD This Week 9-1-15

New DVD/BD This Week 9-1-15

This week, though it seems quick to be released, Mad Max Fury Road (8) is hitting shelves. Though the primary "comment" I've been seeing around town is that Mad Max himself seems to wear a mask through most of the movie (that sounds familiar) and that it does not feel like he's the primary focus of the film. I haven't seen it yet, but I keep seeing these notes.

Robin Williams last film, Boulevard (6) comes out this week.

(The #'s in () are IMDb user ratings, rounded to the nearest whole #.)

We also have the following titles hitting "shelves" and mail boxes this week:

Castle: Season 7,

As always, Castle was fun and mixed it up enough last season to make it still a viable entertainment choice.


Chicago Fire: Season 3

Chicago P.D.: Season 2

Hawaii Five-0

I've not caught any of the Chicago based shows but I'm still enjoying Hawaii Five-0... 


Madam Secretary: Season 1

OK, I don't watch Madam Secretary... but every now and then it comes on the tube while I'm surfing or what not and every time I find it incredibly compelling and hard to change the channels. All while not following the series. That has to say something about the show, right?


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Nashville: Season 3

New Girl: The Complete Fourth Season

Scorpion: Season 1

Despite a few "Jump the Shark" episodes or events in the series, I have enjoyed Scorpion more than I expected.


Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season 1

Star Wars Rebels is the new animated series taking the place of the Clone Wars series that was on Cartoon Network. I really loved where Clone Wars was heading and when Disney shut it down once they bought up Star Wars, it was very disappointing. But I gave Rebels a shot and sure enough, after a few episodes the characters grew on me enough to keep my interest piqued.


The Originals: Season 2

Vampire Diaries: Season 6

Season 6 is the last time we see Elena. The actress is off making B movies now but I hope she hits her stride on the big screen.


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