PACIFIC RIM 2, GODZILLA & KING KONG worlds coming together?
I do not know what to think about this except to say that we all better treasure our Pacific Rim Blu-rays folks.

Word on the street is that any kind of development for the sequel to Pacific Rim has been halted due to some off-screen, off-set kind of technical troubles that only brew when people mash minds and don't agree on things.

It seems a bit convoluted but some guy ticked off Universal and WB, where he seems to take credit for helping fund movies. It's a weird and confusing piece that only true deep-insider type people might get, but the end game is that the actions or words in that piece have lent itself to seeing development stop for Pacific Rim 2.

Part of the issues, as quoted by several source sites is that the first film took around $190M to make, not counting marketing and distribution. Part of the reservations was how "little" the film made domestically, barely breaking $100M.

Even though overseas traffic made the take up to $400M, it just seems that PR did not pull enough domestic fanboys out of the closet and into theaters. Despite the incredible production values and pure fun that the film represented to the giant monster genre.

And the crutch of it is that Legendary took their film from WB over to Universal, and suddenly, we're looking at the shrewd pocket pinchers from Uni.

Bottom line, plans for the film have been halted... indefinitely.  Boo. The reported story line would have taken place, picking up a few years after the defeat of our underseas alien enemies.

I'm very bummed by this development, but there you have it, Pacific Rim 2 Cancels the Apocalypse. Though, if you look through another upcoming piece, there's something that might be afoot here about this franchise over the long haul or word on the street that Guillermo del Toro is still working on the script and will be turning it in to the studio.

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A new King Kong Is Coming... Sigh

What's new? A new King Kong movie is headed our way, joining the ranks of all the remakes. But even though we will get a new King Kong movie, and maybe this time, not kill him off for doing what he likes, which is climbing big things, he may live on beyond the first film because news on the street is that after King Kong, we'll be seeing a King Kong vs. Godzilla movie the year following when the second Godzilla movie comes out.


But the website Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Warner Bros is looking to build a world of content on top of the giant monster franchises including Godzilla, King Kong and Pacific Rim.

To be honest that seems like the perfect coupling of franchises, if this is even close to true. (BD does not cite sources) And if so, this also makes sense, if Pacific Rim 2 was stalled in development, maybe it's to include it in a larger cinematic universe, making it easier to produce while being cheaper. At least for this franchise.

And who would not want to see some Jaeger and Godzilla action?:

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