Rookie Blue Season and Finale Review

Rookie Blue series finale

The sixth season of Rookie Blue had some great story lines that kept the fans shocked or on the edge of their seats.  From insider threats to cops that acted like crooked cops with no compulsions.

We watched so many different developments throughout the season. I even started to like Gail Peck by the end of the season finale, despite her lost hopes.

And we watched Nick Collins leave.

And the big part of the finale was Andy and Sam getting married, despite one last piece of crime for Andy to deal with, all while she was trying to get her butt to her own wedding.

As the season finale proceeded you started getting the feeling that this was a series finale as they were finishing off stories and character resolutions.

Was this a series finale? It sure felt like it.

As of September 3rd, in an article on TV Line, the showrunner said there has been no news of a renewal, while other sources say that ratings for the summer series was down 30% from the previous season.

Those two factors combined do not seem to bode well for the continuance of the series, but for me, it has been a fun summer season that was not terrible.

I would be disappointed if it did not come back, but if the ratings numbers are as they say, then I would not be surprised either.

As it stands, it was a good ending to the story.


There are spoilers for the finale at the TV Line article.
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