Arnold Schwarzenegger to host Celebrity Apprentice

No, I've not been drinking or dreaming, but via Movies in Focus, I saw a piece where it's being reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been tagged to replace Donald Trump as the host of Celebrity Apprentice.

This has me scratching my head, wondering how that will work out. Will Arnie tell each weeks' loser, "you're fired!" or maybe, "you're terminated!" instead?

It seems like an odd pairing but it also has me wondering who else from the show will return? Will the rest of Trump's board member teams show up to back Arnie or will there be too much concern that with them on board, that might be too much of a reminder of the loose-mouthed Trump, calling it as he sees it, and ticking off a ton  of people.

Though to be honest, he does not seem to have ticked off enough people, as recent polls are showing him with a strong standing in the charts.

Schwarzenegger is tapped to host the 2016-2017 season of the show, while NBC took a break from it this year, when they scrambled to fire Trump.

On other Trump(et) news, as you may know NBC fired Trump for his harsh remarks about Mexican immigrants.

NBC then cancelled the Miss USA Pageant. (They co-owned with with Trump.)

NBC sold its stake in the pageant to Trump recently.

Trump sold the Miss USA and Miss Universe franchises to a talent agency firm for VME-IMG.


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