The Whispers Season One Review

The Whispers review

There will be a few light spoilers.

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The first season of ABC's The Whispers has come to a close and to be honest, this was not a bad first season for an alien invasion movie or series in this case.

The Whispers was created by Soo Hugh (Under the Dome, Zero Hour) and the cast includes

Milo Ventimiglia as Sean Bennigan
Kristen Connolly as Lena
Lily Rabe – Claire Bennigan
Barry Sloane – Wes Lawrence
Kylie Rogers – Minx Lawrence
Kyle Harrison Breitkopf – Henry Bennigan
Derek Webster – Jessup Rollins
David Andrews – Secretary of Defense Frommer

The first season of The Whispers starts out with what could possibly look like something out of Paranormal Activity but as time goes on and various events are spelled out, we see that sooner or later, this is a possession of children by an alien entity.

We're presented with a few odd scenarios and situations but they all start to come together to present the presence of Drill, an alien who exists and travels around within the realm of electricity and speaks to the children. But Drill doesn't speak to just any child but children of influential or critically positioned persons within the military and government.

And he has the children convinced that they are playing games when he has them do what he wants. And the casting of these innocent children who sometimes can look pretty evil, is spot on perfect casting.

The season is spent learning that Drill is on earth and that he is convincing or possessing children to do what he wants, thereby impacting their parents.


The first part of the season is a mishmash of clues and watching our primary characters convincing themselves Drill exists. Then the third act, if you will, shows our heroes chasing and confronting Drill.

There are parts of the season where you're there for the ride, there because you've committed to much of the season or want to see how they close out the season. And to be honest the last three episodes are the real payouts as they toss a great twist at viewers.

There were moments though where characters would jump the shark as they changed their minds about how to deal with Drill and that ticked me off. Case in point is how two characters are totally focused on finding, catching and destroying Drill despite some parents contesting their information. But when it is suspected that their child is occupied by Drill, it's "OH my god, you're wrong! It's not my child! How insane!"

I hated the contradiction. But the last episode just about made up for all that.

Lily Rabe does not do much for me in her delivery, but that's me and it does not take away from the story or events in it. Everyone else manages to deliver nicely.


Overall it was a fun show with the promise of more fun yet to come and if it comes up as repeats somewhere, check it out while I can't wait to see what they come up with for the second season of this summer series on ABC.
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