AGENTS OF SHIELD Season Three Premiere Gets Off TO Good, Inhuman Start And Other Spin-Offs

AGENTS OF SHIELD Season Three Premiere

This is a review of season three of Marvel's Agents of Shield, peppered with some other Marvel TV news about spin-offs and movie connections.

Mild spoilers after the break:

The Agents of SHIELD third season premiere episode opens where we see a man having some rather unusual morning problems where everything metal he touches seems to have molecular issues. The cops (A black ops team) show up to detain him, but instead of capturing him, our SHIELD heroes show up, and Skye, identifying herself as Daisy now, talks our new Inhuman down into a state of calm, and gets him transported to Phil's new flying "Helicarrier."

What we do learn is that there is a secret group looking to kill any person who sporadically turns into a Inhuman. Or at least it seemed that way. But what we do know is that they are called the Advanced Threat Containment Unit (ATCU) tasked by the President to clean up this alien threat that's evolving.

Then we see Fitz cruising the world, looking for clues on how to find and or save Simmons. But Fitz is not handling this situation with Simmons missing well at all.

- - -

But alas, the episode ends, and we are shown what looks like Simmons, running from something, on another planet.

It's nice to see she's not missing.

Also during the course  of episode, we learn that there is something in the world's oceans that is accelerating the process of people finding themselves changing into their alien hybrid forms of being Inhumans.

This first episode of the third season of Agents of SHIELD felt like it got off to a great start for the show. The show has recovered from it's terrible first season travesty now that it has a specific direction to go in.

But what direction is that? Well that is an interesting question.


Let's recap a few other news-worthy items related to this season's Agents of SHIELD:

- Marvel is having issues with Fox holding the movie character rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, so they have been revamping some things from their end, including stopping the FF comic and starting to focus more on Inhumans to replace the X-Men.

- There will be a spin-off from this series, so they also need to set up for that. It's called Marvel's Most Wanted and will be focused on Mockingbird (Adrianne Palicki) and Hunter (Nic Blood).

Agents of SHIELD Secret Warriors

- Daisy will more than likely become a member of a new team of mutants on the scene, called Secret Warriors.

- Don't forget to keep your eye out for Marvels' new TV series, a comedy (believe it or not), called Damage Control. It will be showing up on ABC as a half-hour series, focused on the overworked, underpaid, clean up crew of the Marvel Universe who deals with the aftermath from super hero conflicts. These poor folks are the ones who return lost ray guns to their owners, help reschedule weddings that get delayed by super fights, and even work at tracking down lost pets as a result of the carnage. Even if they've been turned to stone or goo.

- Back on point with SHIELD:

As the show starts addressing Inhumans, and setting the tone of how humanity is learning about these mutants, Marvel is slowly setting the state of mind of how people feel about mutants and other super-powered individuals. Which is laying the groundwork for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, where Tony Stark wants some kind of “governing body” controlling the actions of heroes like the Avengers and Steve Rogers wants to retain the freedom of anonymity in their lives.


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