FANTASTIC FOUR To Remain In Crappy Writer's Hands, More Than Likely

Earlier today rumors started flying hard and heavy that Marvel got the character rights back from Fox for the Fantastic Four franchise. Web sites went bonkers and fans were breathing a sigh of relief.

But some posts were disclaimered with the term RUMOR in the title.

Well, guess what gang?

You can continue to feel depressed about the shoddy handling of the Fantastic Four character franchise because both Marvel and Fox have actively stepped up to deny the rumor.


Hmm. Both? Why would Marvel care about a little mis-information like this?

Now if you like being the super optimistic kind of person, maybe there was rumor in the truth from Den of Geek's sources but neither company can admit to it yet, due to contractual issues forcing their silence in the matter and the deliberations.

As you say with Spider-Man, having Peter Parker's creative production turned back over to Marvel was a lengthy (AND SMART) move to make, but deliberations for that move did take quite some time. I had heard about this move from an insider almost two years before it became public. (And sadly, I did not trust my inside source because it seemed far-fetched. Boo on me.)

This reminds me of when Matt Smith slipped up and let it out of the bag that he (along with anyone else who has ever played a character on Dr. Who) was leaving. Then he and the production team spent an easy six months denying that slip and pushing media out with Smith looking to stay in the role long-term.

And then he exited.

So if you want to have hope that someday the Fantastic Four will have a good script/story, maybe this was a slip.

But for now, let's pretend to believe the official channels of both production companies.

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