Is STAR WARS An Anti-White Film?


Let me get this straight: First there are vocal disgruntled people who say that movies have been too white-washed. And looking back through the era, well, it's hard to deny actually.

But then there's the other side of the coin where if a black person is cast in the role that had been associated with predominately white characters, fans get in an uproar.

Case in point are two Marvel movies that come right to mind where Col Fury of SHIELD or the role of Heimdall in Thor were cast to black talent. Wow, were some people upset about that apple cart getting turned over.

(BTW: When you throw a rant about something like this, to me, it almost seems like you are outing yourself and the white sheets that hang in your closet.)

But now there's a new voice in the choir of angry movie fans.

I'm sure you may have heard about it because it is making the rounds in the media.

There is now call to action for people to boycott the new Star Wars film from J.J. Abrams because it is being considered "anti-white."

Or as one tweet stated, they are accusing the film of pushing a multicultural agenda and engaging in "white genocide."

Crickets... An entire field of crickets actually. 


To be fair, it is a small minority of people who are getting frantic about this trend they think they see, but don't worry my faithful reader. This new premise obviously did not take, considering pre-sales of movies tickets were eight-times the volume of the last record-holding movie, The Hunger Games.

OK, on the bright side, yes, the issue started trending on Twitter, but it was more due to the effect of people jumping on board to dissect this dumbass perspective. I mean, to be honest, I'm not sure how you can state what agenda a movie has two months before it comes out. Just saying.

Maybe these poor folks are freaked out about how Lando Calissian (Billy Dee Williams) played the field so wide and far, that the entire galaxy, far far away, is now predominately black!?


Honestly the only time I ever see this stupid-ass distinction about skin is when people bring it up. When the talent is good, it does not matter to me who or what they are. Period. But for some reason, some folks still have the need to "see" this distinction, forcing the issue.

There are more "precious" quotes about this silly aspect at my source,
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  1. I believe the original problem was that all the storm troopers are clones of Bobba fett, and he is white. So to have the main character be a storm trooper and not be white is what threw them off.

    So there were some saying that this move was changing the story.

    Personally i think its nuts, it is a film, not real life. I love the books and films but come on


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