Marvel INHUMANS And The Division Between TV and Movie Worlds

All of the subsequent comes from the personal spats between power players at Disney and Marvel. Kevin Feige and the "mad billionaire Isaac Perlmutter. (the CEO of Marvel Entertainment)" It's Perlmutter, as far as I can tell, that's f*ing everything up for everyone else, but then again, we are all on the outside looking in.


Word on the street (or rumor) is that some of the Marvel Studios infighting has led to the possibility of Marvel dropping the planned Inhumans movie that they have in their film schedule.

For some that may not matter since the Inhumans weren't necessarily the biggest draw of the comic company, but big enough to warrant their own, long-running title.

And they're cool...  plus at some point last month there was talk that the Inhumans would be the new mutants of Marvel, considering how harsh Marvel has taken to Fox and killing off their side of the X-Men franchise. (Which to me, just says that they just want the rights back, and they are willing to squeeze the life out of FOX's character rights contract to get them back.)

But now there's word that we may not see a Inhumans film down the road. And that has me wondering about the story line we're seeing under ABC's Agents of SHIELD series.

If you are following the show, despite its horribly slow first season start, the show has picked up nicely now that it has movies to allude to (though if you've noticed, they're never alluded back to from the movies. At least to date, Marvel Studios seemed to be having issues with the Television side of things.)

But last season and starting this season, Agents of SHIELD (AoS) has been developing a very strong plot based around Inhumans on Earth. More specifically, as SHIELD resolved their Hydra problems (for the time being), they found an alien source of energy on the planet that triggers latent genes in humans that bring out their mutant powers, or more specifically, changing them into Inhumans on Earth.

The story tool is great, but if this Inhumans movie rumor is true, this may make for a very interesting conflict of TV/Movie realities, considering that in AoS, the mutagen that is on Earth has infected the oceans, the life in the oceans, and over time, the water on the planet.

That means that the Earth will start getting heavily populated with these new mutants, as they have alluded to in the show already.

This makes two problems in my mind, with one very stupid resolution, again, in my mind.

If the Earth's population develops a ton of mutants from this mutagen, then the TV series will have the world populated with these new mutants. But will the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) address this issue at all, considering the latest rumor?

Or will the two worlds of TV and movie now be different worlds that don't allude at all to each other?

The TV show is throwing the world of new mutants at viewers pretty hard and I am having a tough time resolving that idea if the movies don't even touch on this, unless they also come up with some kind of super cure too.

To me, I don't get why the hell the two divisions of the same damn company doesn't get their shit together and work it out. But then again, people will be people, no matter what the product, while the customers and fans suffer for it.

Then again, as with the comics and movies, no one is ever dead, no one ever stays dead that was actually dead, and there are all kinds of twists and tools a production company can use in the world of fantasy and sci-fi that negate anything. Remember when Doomsday actually killed Superman? But then the title sales surged, and suddenly we had five or six Superman versions out there?

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