Of all the new shows that look like they may have limited futures, I think Minority Report and The Player seem to be the most lacking of the lot and are probably not long for the televised world.

Let me explain.

I had hit up Minority Report with very high hopes. But after watching the series premiere (Cinema Static TV Review), the character interactions had zero depth while their base characteristics were blatantly demonstrated, with again, zero depth as to why.

The lead actress in the series, Meagan Good, has about two or maybe three facial modes to demonstrate the various moments or emotions her character is involved in. She reminded me of Tracy Spiridakos from the ill-fated NBC series, Revolution. But a tad better.

And I am going to go out on a limb and say that Wilmer Valderrama's talents are throttled and wasted in his role on Minority Report.


The Player stars Wesley Snipes, Philip Winchester and Charity Wakefield in a show whose IMDb summary says "A former intelligence officer works as a security expert in Las Vegas."

OK, for one thing, when a network's marketing team can barely muster up any kind of descriptive summary of IMDb, that can not be a good thing at all. But wait, it does not stop there.

I did not catch the series premiere of the series, but I did get a chance to watch the second episode they've aired of The Player and to be honest, I was wondering what the hell is this?

The episode opens with one of the worse ever choreographed armored car heists I have ever seen on TV. Ever. The episode continued on par with that scene, with Snipes' character knowing that these heist guys were coming to his casino and his computer expert who has access to or hacks every computer and video camera known to man backs that up.

Their player character, the man chosen by Snipe's character to carry out the action, is just as shallowly described and played, to the point that it feels like an old episode of The Power Rangers. Very old episode.

It's like they hired interns to write this episode. At least Minority Report has good stories but ruined by horrible acting.


In case you are wondering if I am alone in these perspectives, the latest episode of Minority Report barely pulled in 2.5M viewers and THOSE are horrible numbers.

At least The Player is doing better in the ratings numbers, pulling in 4.6M viewers.

- - -

I am not sure what's up and how a show can get to this stage of being on TV and not be as good as some other shows are, but dang. Is this the best they have to fill these time slots?

I hope they have plans for these time slots when these two shows flounder into obscurity.

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