Season Four of PERSON OF INTEREST, Backed Into A Corner And Its Last Upcoming Season

Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and Amy Acker in PERSON OF INTEREST

Despite Person of Interest actually having an interesting premise, it seems that the producers backed themselves into a corner with their present story line directions and possibly pushed this fun show right over the shark themselves. If they had only taken a different route!


Last season's episodes were peppered with the usual stories of various folks needing to be saved, from either themselves or outside influences. Then there were the underlying plot lines where the secret government entity closed in on our heroes and their sentient computer.

It's this story line that has pushed our show into a corner. To have our heroes facing off against a huge government conspiracy while they are on the run, does not leave a ton of room for our story to go anywhere from there.

 This story has been percolating under the main plots for a while and now that our heroes have been cornered and on the desperate run, all I can see the next and more than likely final season of the show. (More on that in a second.)

Yes, I said final season of Person of Interest.

It has not been officially announced that this upcoming fifth season is the show's last, but CBS did only order half the number of episodes that we usually see for a full season, which in and of itself, seems like a death knell for a show.

If the upcoming season is its final season, at least they're giving the show a chance to finish the story they started out with, no matter what kind of corner the story is in.


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