Star Wars Fan Trailers Rock MORE Than The Originals From Disney

Star Wars Fan Trailers Rock

OK, so in a sense, the teaser clips and trailers from Disney for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film are pretty awesome. There is a ton of hope and expectation for these new films now that Lucas has been bought out and put aside. (I mean that with all the respect possible.)

BUT yesterday someone mashed up some of the trailers and made a pretty cool Master Mash Up of a few of the videos.Then someone went a step further and did it even better, including teaser footage that the first one did not include.

But the true brilliance of these projects is how these editors took the content and instead of just streaming them in the order they showed, they've put them in a sort of story-form that makes so much sense.

I don't know if anyone remembers, but a few years ago when John Carter came out, there was some supposed in-fighting between the director and someone up the chain of command there at the studio. The marketing sucked and I did not care about the movie. Then a fan mashed up all the trailers and he made it look spectacular and I went and saw it just because of this super-fan's edit. And did not regret it one bit!

With that said...

Check them out and see what I mean:


The original on Vimeo, out of respect for being the first one I noticed online, but it does not add anything to the premise:

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