STAR WARS The Force Awakens Will Be A Smash Hit

STAR WARS The Force Awakens

I can say that because pre-sales of movie tickets have already crushed any kind of record that The Hunger Games might have set. In fact, The Force Awakens has sold eight times as many tickets on the first day of pre-sale availability as 2012's The Hunger Games.

In fact movie ticket retailers were so swamped with the anxious and impatient movie-goer that several sites providing tickets crashed. Despite preparations for the traffic onslaught.

So now the secret is out... sort of.

See the latest movie trailer from SWtFA

Movie ticket pre-sales are a huge tool to gauge what your business base can be like, and it can also be used to beat your chest and pump up the marketing mojo of a movie. Otherwise, what would be the point of pre-sale tickets? At least this far in advance.

I get buying tickets the night before or even the morning of, just to avoid the lines. But we're two months out folks. Really?

On the bright side, because of the overwhelming response to pre-sales, movie theaters are adding more screenings to their schedules already. So that's a good thing.

Plus I am sure that this movie will set some kind of all-time "monetary" record at the box office, considering how much tickets cost these days, especially when you value in the 150% priced special format screenings.

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