Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, An Animated Review

Superman Batman Apocalypse review

"When a spaceship splashes down in Gotham Harbor, Batman (Kevin Conroy) and Superman (Tim Daly) encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as Superman's. When Darkseid gets wind of this, he has the Kryptonian abducted and brought under his control on Apokolips. It's up to Batman and Superman to retrieve the Kryptonian, forcing them to infiltrate Darkseid's hostile world where super powerful threats lurk around every corner. This story is based on Jeff Loeb's popular mini-series from the Superman/Batman comic books."

This is a review of the 2010 animated feature, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

It starts looking over Gotham and we hear about a President Luthor. Egads. Plus we see GPD with vehicles floating over the city, watching everyone ever so carefully. One other item of note, are shooting stars and a meteor that hits in Gotham Bay.

Turns out the meteorite delivers Superman's cousin, Kara. And OMG, Superman's dog, Krypto is in the film, but he does NOT LIKE her.

The first act is Superman and Batman dealing with then learning about Kara, that Darkseid is coming for her, and Wonder Woman shows up to help train her to user her powers. Kara is a bit out of control.

The opening act seems eclectic but Darkseid straightens it all out and focuses everyone on his evil plans and the story moves forward from there. And it keeps moving forward with one plot twist after another.

It almost dragged on a bit too long but for the animated fan, you won't be disappointed.

The artwork was... unique. They tried to add texture to the face and lips that was more distracting than anything else. I would suggest leaving the photo-realistic looks to live-action films and keeping animated to the animated realm of fun. But that's just me.

Overall, it was above average and I didn't feel like I lost any time watching it. Meaning, you know, have you ever watched something and felt like you will never get those two hours back? That's what I mean.

IMDb users gave it a 7/10. Might be a bit high in my book, but close enough for government work.

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