Do you recall the headlines last week circulating about yet another baseless rumor about how The Flash and Supergirl might have a crossover? Yea, these wanna-be articles are getting fairly rampant, much like those baseless Dexter rumors last weekend.

But be it as it may, at a press event, exec producer Greg Berlanti was asked about any potential crossover between the guy in red tights and the girl in the short skirts, and the answer was...

"No, only because we just received the pick up. Not at this point."

Ever since Supergirl was announced, folks have been wondering if there will ever be a crossover episodes between this and The Flash or Arrow shows on The CW. Admittedly, since CBS owns sway over The CW, the chances are possible.  But it's like every year hearing about the return of Firefly... right now it ain't happening.

If I recall correctly, some time back when this was addressed, there's rumor that there's an angle that there was a crossover written into the contract of the new show.

But I also recall a statement of some kind that mentioned that they needed to get Supergirl's legs under her first before they could consider a crossover between an established and new show.

So like always, we'll see.

To be honest, the way they're treating the character, I could see her getting some help from Barry. But I'd be happier to see the show get better before adding more pizzazz from other shows.

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There's a financial oucher:

It looks like there's a bit going on that says that "Bones stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz are suing Fox for millions for money they claim they are owed."

Apparently they were supposed to get 3% share off the series profits and they have not seen this. Yet.

There's more details on Deadline, if interested.


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