GAME OF THRONES Promo Has Jon Snow In It

So HBO has decided to go the obvious route after all the fan conjecture, and is using an image of Jon Snow in their promo art for the sixth season of Game of Thrones.

GAME OF THRONES Promo Has Jon Snow

The promo art shows Jon Snow (Kit Harrington). But...

Some websites are declaring this shows he is alive. Others have said he looks dead. Others suggested undead. OMG... ya just can't win.

So on a general scale of things, no one has really helped figure out the mystery of whether Jon Snow is dead or not.  And I'm sure that a myriad of fans have already picked apart the image and depending on one's belief, they'll see what they see.

I see one hell of a teaser that suggests that what ever we were believing is true.

Of course Ian McShane, in previous interviews, who has joined the cast of GoT, has said that he's only in one episode but is responsible for bringing someone back. - This kind of statement can only fuel the fires of hope for many, while those who have read the books are thinking otherwise.

(I have not read the books)

My guess is as April gets closer, we may see preview videos with Jon in it. Right?

Any now, in case you did not catch it, Game of Thrones returns to HBO in mid-April, 2016.

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