'Quantico' - Good, Confusing or On Spot?

I've been playing catch up on my DVR collection of first season episodes of 'Quantico,' and to be honest, I am not sure how much I like the show or not.

ABC's 'Quantico' makes sure to cover the basics for all the facets of tempting television. We get the sex, the action and the hot bodies shoved to the forefront.

The stories seemed to start out pretty basic and events setting up the season just felt too basic or too simple to engage my imagination.

But then the 'event' took place and the story started jumping back and forth between the immediate past and present and the time jumps are so abrupt that if you blink you could miss the time jump. They don't pamper the viewer when it comes to keeping up with past or recent events.

I do like the conspiracies that are being teased at, and that keeps the story interesting. But most of the characters are so basic, that without the underlying mysteries, the show would be boring, well, except for all the 'skin action.'

For now I'll keep watching 'Quantico,' but if the mysteries unravel, the show will unravel for me too.

What about you?

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