Rumors About Upcoming Solo Batman Movies

Batman movie rumors

According to the website called JoBlo, who has a rep for getting decent insights on upcoming projects, is reporting that the upcoming solo Batman movies from WB will have the Jason Todd character in the story.

For those who don't follow the comics or know not what I refer to, Jason Todd was one of the few that had donned the Robin mantle, but in Jason's case, he was killed by the Joker.  But he was later resurrected by a thing called the Lazarus Pit. (Arrow watchers know what I'm talking about) But anyone who knows about the pit, knows it does weird things to people that it brings back from the dead, but Jason comes back in the upcoming films, as The Red Hood.

Some substantiating details to help this rumor/inside scoop is that in the trailers for Batman v Superman, we see two things in there... a note saying Bruce let 'family die,' and Robin's battered suit in a display case.

Then there's the question on if we'll see the original Robin, Dick Grayson. In the comics Dick moved on from his Robin mantle and took up a new identity of Nightwing... whom I really enjoy.

The upcoming Batman film will be based on two DC comics Batman titles: "A Death in the Family" and "Under The Hood."

If this is all true, or comes to be, then I am truly looking forward to these solo Batman films.

There's more at the link if you're interested.

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