THE FORCE AWAKENS News Byte, SUPERGIRL Season Order, TOP GEAR 2016 Premiere Date


I saw a headline noting that J.J. Abrams said that the ‘Force AwakensLightsaber Duels Will Look Nothing Like ‘Star Wars’ Prequels.  Which got me wondering how a sword fight won't look like a sword fight? Unless, like on the animated series, Star Wars Rebels, in one case, our star's light saber is both a light saber and a blaster.

What he's meaning is that his duels will be "more primitive" than what we saw in the prequels that no one liked.

Regardless, as you can tell, Disney and Abrams have been working at distancing themselves from the prequels by rarely mentioning a word about them, period.

Side note:  If you click on the pic above, you might notice the absence of Luke, despite seeing other classic older characters in the poster. I wonder if it's not Luke behind that mask? (Nope, I do not know.) I am merely taking a wild guess, considering how secretive Disney has been with promo material surrounding him. But then again, I've been dodging the myriad of TV spots that Disney has been swarming the airwaves with this month. I'd like to go into a movie experience with open eyes and not knowing what is happening next.


Chyler Leigh and Melissa Benoist in Supergirl (image via CBS Broadcasting)

Supergirl has been picked up for a full-season order by CBS, Cinema Static has learned, since it is averaging just over 11M viewers per episode. The show joins Limitless and Code Black as other shows getting full season orders.

I'm guessing long legs, short skirts and knee-high boots are doing the trick cause sometimes the stories and characterizations are just not cutting it for me at times.


Top Gear is finally returning to the BBC when it premieres for its newest season on May 8th. The show will be going over to the U.S. for the first time too.

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