'The Walking Dead's' Episode Review 'Here, Not Here'

'The Walking Dead's' Episode Review 'Here, Not Here'

When The Walking Dead started up, I can say that I waited all week for this magical nugget of a 90-minute episode. all I wanted were answers to the fate of Rick and his hand, and Glenn. And all week my imagination sparked, wondering what I would see.

Then again I did say to someone last week that a good show would keep you wondering and waiting.

When this episode started, it opened with showing us Morgan's journey from the time period after Rick left him behind a few seasons ago.

After the first disappointing and distracting several minutes I finally quit wanting answers and got into the tale of Morgan and it was a good tale for sure.

I loved seeing how he got to the way he is today and sad for some of the events that took place in this 90-minute episode.


For some reason I am surprised that this big, over-sized episode might have delivered more details to further the season along, including details about Rick and Glenn.

Did anyone catch that Steven Yeun's name was not in the opening credits? I think AMC is effing with us. But that's just my theory.

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