10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, The Cloverfield sequel

About 10 Cloverfield Lane

J.J. Abrams did it... he kept a project so hush-hush that we were blindsided by this trailer, for what many are calling the Cloverfield sequel. My only problem is that the title seems so odd, too obvious.

In it, we see Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman and one other dude... John Gallagher Jr. stuck in a home or a cellar, for some reason. A reason only hinted at. But oh, when that door is opened for but a moment, the tease is something else.

Many are saying this is the sequel to the single-camera monster flick that was "all America's." (If you remember, since Japan and those guys have their own monsters, they called this America's monster.


"Something's coming." And it opens 3-11-16

Good job J.J., keeping this under wraps!  And hopefully the movie itself lives up to the stylistic suspense that the trailer puts out.

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