ABBY LEE MILLER Indicted, And The Show Goes On

Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller was indicted for bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations, and in her initial hearing for these charges, she pleaded 'not guilty.'

To me there were serious charges that popped up in mid-October 2015, and due to the nature of the charges, I was assuming that the show would not go on.

And yet, Dance Moms premieres tonight on Lifetime. (1-5-16) I guess Lifetime does not mind the drama of the news.

The drama stems from the above noted charges, where allegedly, Miller hid over three quarters of a million in earnings from her reality series, which included having payments made out to her mother instead of her.

The charges and investigation into her financial magic came about when a judge saw her show but pondered why there was no mention of the show when she had filed for Chapter 11 in 2010.

And the fun goes from there.

She had her most recent hearing scheduled such, to not interfere with filming of the sixth season of Dance Torturer... I mean Dance Moms.


This isn't Abby's first dance with the legal system.

She just settled assault and defamation charges against her from Kelly Hyland (Daughter/dancer Paige). But the charges were mostly dropped/negated, with the only end-result being that damage to Kelly's house (from the production) is to be repaired by the production company and apparently the two, Kelly & Abby, must act nice around each other in public.

Following in mom's footsteps, Paige had also filed assault charges against Abby, but those too were dismissed.


I guess Lifetime's priorities are the drama and not the principals, but hey, that's what reality TV is about, right?  (The drama part...)

See the details from Deadline Hollywood.

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