DC's LEGENDS of TOMORROW, Maybe Meh, A Review

So we all caught the series premiere of Legends of Tomorrow on The CW last week.

In the ratings game, it came in last for its night, with a 2.3/4 rating, but these numbers are on par with CW programming, so aren't quite as dismal as they may seem to warrant.

But for me this platform for this time-traveling Avengers-like group is not gripping me like it could. Not yet. Character motivations are thin, the action fun, the choreography so-so.

I will be dispensing some spoilers from the premiere episode...




The premiere opened as expected, with Rip Hunter collecting these "heroes" (FireStorm, White Canary, Harkman and Hawkgirl, The Atom, and Captain Cold and Heat Wave) to bring down Vandal Savage. Apparently Savage does pretty bad things in our time line.

But first, Rip's mission is not sanctioned by his time-cop corp, so he's on the run from them. Plus Dr Stein kidnapped his other half to go on this trip.

White Canary is trying to deal with her needing to kill things and not being a hero any more.

Ray Palmer's (The Atom) vanity wants to be famous for saving the world.

And our two anti-heroes, Capt Cold and Heat Wave are in it for the chance to steal historical artifacts.

And the Hawk people have a vendetta to destroy Vandal Savage once and for all.

When we first saw this episode, it all seemed like a great premise, but as we learn that Rip is on the run, willing to tamper with time to save some ideological idea of Earth, I start wondering about the premise of the mission.

Then when he first tells everyone they're legends in the future for their heroic deeds, that gets them all on board. Until later, when he says, OK, I actually grabbed you because you amount to nothing in your time line and what you do or do not do, will not impact your own time lines on your Earth and that's why I took you.

Wow, talk about motivation. And yet they stay?

Most of the characters reasoning for joining this task force seems weak or highly self-motivating, but they needed some place to put these fairly likable characters from the shows they were spun off from, Arrow and The Flash.

To be honest, it's in my DVR queue, but I probably won't rush right in to watch it when I have other content to pull up and enjoy. For me it's good but not great. It's about a bad guy threatening the existence of our time line, but that's nothing new. We have good guys chasing our good guys in a super ship that can be damaged by hand-held weaponry and a pretty extensive cast of characters.

Extensive could be seen as a code for 'distracting large ensemble' of characters.

It's above average but nothing to write home about. If it makes it into a second season, I would be surprised.

And maybe it will surprise me and start to crank out content in the stories that makes me care about some of the characters.

Here's the preview of the show they ran last year...

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