HEROES REBORN cancelled from the future

It seemed that when Heroes Reborn was announced, the fan base seemed happy. I mean heck, the trailers and previews seemed pretty cool. Then again, they were doing their job.

But as the show kicked it in gear, with fans pouring in to watch, at first, it seemed like an exciting time. But then the story started developing. And with that, the ratings started to decline just enough to the point that the net return of "modest" numbers is not giving NBC any kind of warm feeling.

And with that lack of a warm feeling, NBC has announced at the TCA that this one-time limited series run of Heroes Reborn will be staying just that, a one-time deal with no further seasons.


To be honest, between digital characters, characters stuck in video games, jumping back and forth thousands of years in time just started getting too much for me. (Apparently with being cancelled, this show will not be in our future!)

It was fun in the beginning to meet all the new characters and such, and developments regarding the new characters, but once again, creator Tim Kring pushed the story too far to the extremes and suddenly we didn't care as much, yet again.

The fantastic is for the pages of comic, not our TV shows.

Between that non-evos managing to stave off the evo (Evolved Human/mutants) and other lttle things, I've relegated my story following to reading recaps and being done with it.

I figured it was just me, but I guess not.

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