I've Seen The X-FILES Reboot, And It's Glorious

I've now seen the first two X-Files reboot episodes. OK, reboot isn't the correct word, considering they have picked up with the same characters, after all these years. But if you loved the show, right up to the end, then you know it's a glorious day indeed.

It's like the show was never gone because it has all the same vibe and feeling as it used to. And it's nice to see that they did nothing to the opening of the show... they left well enough alone and went with it. You have to admire that bold move.

Yet there are some flaws with the show so far that I now suddenly remember while I watch the new episodes.

First is how Mulder would cut his calls short on Scully and never tell her where he's going. You'd think he might have changed his ways after all these years.  Or not. Or that Scully would give up asking him what he's doing or where he's going.  It's like an abusive relationship where he's always hanging up on her and she keeps engaging or encouraging him!  Or his inflamed since of chasing the truth, rekindling the same old set of plot elements that I think helped doom the show way back when it first retired.

I do think we need to move on with something new to keep our attention or this new continuation will find the same fate as the old show.

Plus I caught a few good flaws in the second episode where they did NOT do their research!

-When law enforcement enters a DOD controlled space, they would have had to go through channels and get logged in with visit certs. When Mulder wanted to take a hard drive, he would have already known by that time that he could not have and that it was already DOD controlled.

-This DOD pulling rank on an investigation is bunk! Law enforcement are allowed to do their jobs and those personnel who are investigating in DOD controlled spaces will get inadvertent disclosure briefings or something akin to that.

-And no, classified content NEVER leaves its designated spaces! The cops have to go to it, and if it does, it does so under cover of double wrapped packages that are not allowed to be opened unless in another DOD approved space.

Any way...

But for now, we do have some great stand-alone episodes coming up that will re-ignite that old feeling of fun and creepy stories, so stay tuned.

And hopefully, Mulder and Scully will find a new kind of back-woods conspiracy to replace the ever-looming government intervention blanket that killed the original run.

BTW: Despite the X-Files getting screwed over by the football game that pushed the premiere episode back by nearly half an hour, the show is doing well in the ratings. Not fantastic, but well. (When I saw how the show was pushed back and dominated by football, my brain instantly went to the way Fox beat up Joss Whedon's Firefly. This is different, but my emotional side went there.)

But it's doing spectacular in the Live+3 numbers, where viewers have totaled into the 20 million viewer count!

The issue is, do they scamper off into a new spinoff series with a few of the new characters or agents we will be meeting? Or do they keep doing sporadic mini-series productions?

I've been told it was tough to get everyone together to make these six episodes, but hey, if the money is right... right?

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