SAVING HOPE News, BACHELOR Noise, Harris Cancelled, Plus HULU and Amazon News

For those of you who enjoy the Canadian medical series called Saving Hope, ION has renewed the show for a fifth season and production will kick in gear some time in the spring. It will be an 18-episode season.


NBC dumped the show, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. There will be no second season.


Hulu will not be reupping a new season of The Awesomes.  Meanwhile, over at Amazon, they've renewed The Man in the High Castle, Red Oaks and Hand of God for a second season each.


It's worked for The Walking Dead, it might be working for some other lame mimic shows... so now ABC is going to try it.  With the upcoming season of The Bachelor, there will be a follow up show called Bachelor Live, hosted by Chris Harrison. It is, right now, slated for a four-episode run. I guess it is a test run.

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