Is it possible we may still see Supergirl and The Flash grace the same screen time in our near future?

Supposedly The CW and CBS are still debating about a cross-over between Supergirl and The Flash. There is even a hint of Green Arrow being a part of it.

Riiight. If we could only get that!

The CW is a subsidiary of CBS, so it's not technically about the two networks, but more than likely a bunch of legalese between character rights and permissions.

Much like when Smallville had a hell of a time with not being allowed to show the blue and red suit on Clark.

Back on track: 

They say a crossover decision will be made in about four weeks. Which is a nice turnaround from when earlier in the season they were saying no. But this four week deadline would be in conjunction with if they were to get something laid out and produced for the present season.

But my question is if this could be a shoe-in, why have they decided to change their mind and keep the debate going for so long?

I am not holding my breath, but I am willing to be surprised.

We'll see. Right?


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