TRANSFORMERS 5 Will Be Michael Bay's Last... Again

Transformers Cinematic Universe - Michael Bay directing

Want a good laugh? Michael Bay says that the upcoming fifth Transformers movie will be his last in the franchise.

OK, so let's go through this, via an interview with Collider.

In the interview that was supposed to be about Bay's upcoming film, 13 Hours*, the interviewer started to slide into the space alien robot territory and got a few questions off about the upcoming fifth film before Bay put him back in his place.

(You may or may not know it but as polite and considerate Bay is to all media, including bloggers, he also does not suffer fools and calls people out pretty fast when they make stupid.)

But with the few questions the blogger got off, We learned nothing more than that he can't tell us anything.

If you recall, Dark of the Moon was going to be his last gig. Then got on board with Age of Extinction because he felt that the franchise was still in the middle of changing it's course.  And then, after Extinction, that was going to be his last. (Was it me, or was there actually way way too much fighting in Age of Extinction?)

But now that he's been put back in the (director's) chair, he says this will be his last time.  Again.

I'm going out on a limb and thinking that as he said no, the ticket price for his salary probably kept going up. He's made a huge bundle off the film franchise to begin with. Add another billion to his coffers and he's found it in his heart to take the helm one more time.

According to things I've seen, helming the films is a hell of a lot of hard work for Bay as he has to deal with so many angles of publicity in his job, on top of orchestrating the entire movie.

On one hand he has a sort of brilliance in how he's delivered the Transformers films to date, while on the other hand, the unskilled are always quick to bash his work and how "bad" the films are.

The films are popcorn fun done right and the box office proves it beyond what the naysayers think they have to say.

And now that we have a huge, consolidated think tank of talent behind the newly formed Transformers Cinematic Universe, well, there are Transformers movies planned out until at least the year 2025.

And maybe it's true that he wants to back out and maybe he will after this one. But for now, because he has helmed what is now the first five films of the franchise, at least the entire franchise, to this point, had the same tone/voice.


*About 13 Hours: It is the story of the members of a security team tasked with surviving the chaotic events on September 11, 2012 after the attack on the United States embassy in Benghazi.

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