For those of you following both comic book based shows and Alan Tudyk, well, you're in huge luck!!!

Alan Tudyk was just cast in the upcoming NBC series titled POWERLESS, an office comedy from DC Comics.

Alan joins Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi and Christina Kirk.

Powerless takes place in an insurance office that ends up taking hit after hit by the damage caused by superhero battles.

Tudyk plays the bosses son, who gets himself promoted just because he's the bosses kid and apparently can be a real dick.

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Forget About UNFORGETTABLE....

Hey, despite the struggles and success that Unforgettable has had, the Poppy Montgomery starring series is NOT getting a fifth season over on A&E.


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Did you know that NBC renewed Days of Our Lives for a 51st season. FIFTY-FIRST!!!

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Syfy Orders Pilot For Prototype

Prototype is being called a sci-fi thriller, where three folks inadvertently stumble upon an invention that challenges the very nature of quantum physics – but this discovery also ends up putting their lives in danger.

The show will be written by Tony Basgallop (“24: Live Another Day”).

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