BATMAN v SUPERMAN Dawn of Justice Final and BEST Trailer Yet!

Of all the clips and trailers from Batman v Superman, this final trailer seems to pack a punch, no pun intended. We get to see Batman in action and to be honest, I think this is some of the best on-film action I've seen of the caped crusader. And Superman seems pretty angry.

Through it all, we're reminded of Wonder Woman's presence, the obscure craziness of "Lex" Luthor and the general mood of the film while being sampled with some fun action scenes laced with upbeat action music.

"Even you got too old to die young..."

But if WB follows suit with other studios, this may be the final trailer but I'm sure we'll get a bunch of "TV" clips until the release date. Hell, Deadpool as nearly 20 different TV clips out there!

This film had better be pretty long, because they have a ton of story to tell.

The film is due out in theaters on March 25th, 2016. And yes, it runs two hours and 31 minutes. (150 minutes!)

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